MAMA Awards (Pt. 15)

It is getting towards the end of the year and so award shows are happening.  In America we have award events like the American Music Award, Billboard Music Award, the Grammy’s Award, and probably some other music award events. In Korea has similar in which they have Melon Music Award, Golden Disk Award, Inkygayo Award, Gayo Daejun, and MAMA Awards. MAMA awards is like “the” award of all awards. Like the grandest award possible (I probably just made up that word). MAMA just basically stands for MNET (the company in charge of like all kpop idol’s and group’s album promotions and live promotions as well as weekly chart of popular new songs called MNET COUNTDOWN) Asian Music Award. It’s actually pretty cool because MAMA awards has some live performances from kpop idols even though it is targeted towards all the other countries too, but their artist’s are not popular enough like Korea so it’s mostly kpop groups. MAMA awards are usually held in 3 locations, a selected country (sometimes Korea, last year’s was Vietnam), Japan, and Hong Kong. The award shows are usually targeted best groups, best new groups, new album, etc., but the 3 biggest award is “Song of the year”, “Album of the year” and “Artist of the year”. So it is a big deal to Asians internationally.

I think this is a good event, but some companies are not in the MAMA awards this year which left some of the bigger artists who could’ve won the awards this year out. I can already predict that BTS is going to get artist of the year award again because of their amount of albums sold, view counts within 24 hours, and overall popularity in Korea and internationally. For the past 2 years, BTS has won Artist of the year. This sparks a controversy against fans of other artists, but it’s not BTS’ fault they have gigantic fanbase. It actually gets bad to the point where fans goes on a riot and securities having to push them back and things get messy and a bit physical. The past few artist that have received Artist Awards are groups like BIG BANG, and in 2015, single handedly one of the member of BIG BANG; G-Dragon received “Artist of the year” award which has never been done by any kpop groups or artist alone. 2016 was the first time BTS won the artist of the year award. This was probably one of the biggest event in their lives because they started out in a practically unknown company and unsupported and was even told by senior artists that they’d flop in their career. 2015 they won their first award for anything on the weekly MNET COUNTDOWN. At that time, their fanbase was expanding more and more and practically everyone acknowledged them, but they were still not known to the whole world. In 2016, they dropped Blood Sweat and Tears along with their WING album blew up and made them so popular and earn the “Artist of the year award” on MAMA. Again in 2017 they blew up everywhere on an international scale this time and earned their second “Artist of the year Award”. If I am correct, it was EXO that got Album of the year in 2016 and 2017 (because it’d be unfair because it’d be obviously BTS who’d win album of the year because the amount of albums they sold were way more than EXO’s). 

Things I Do Outside Kpop (Pt. 14)

You’re probably wondering, “Wow all this guy ever talks about is kpop”. Well not my fault I wrote my proposal about kpop, now it is permanent. You’re probably saying I have no life cause all I do is kpop. Actually no, I have a life outside of kpop. I will talk about some of them right now.

One of the things I do spend a lot of time on is sneakers. Now if you recall, most of my fashion inspiration kind of came from kpop. Sneakers are probably the one thing I’ve spent outside kpop. What do I mean by that? Well I collect sneakers, and no I don’t mean the ones you find in Famous Footware, I mean the $100+ ones. Yes I have a huge sneaker interest and I was interested in sneakers after listening to kpop, but I didn’t have sneaker interest from kpop, but actually from couple YouTubers. Some of the more expensive clothing I also discovered on my own like “Anti Social Social Club”, “Supreme”, “Gucci”, “Balenciaga”, “Bape”, etc. I think the only brand that got me hooked through kpop was “Off-White”. Aside the branded stuff, going back to the sneakers, I love sneakers like I clean them once in awhile and refresh my shoes so they look on point when I go anywhere. Some of the shoes I like are Yeezys, Ultraboost (especially the 2.0s), NMDs, EQTs, Roshes, Lebrons 13, Jordan 4s, etc. So I am pretty much a sneaker head.

Another thing I like to do, but I do not have the proper equipment nor am I good at is producing music. I have a quite the passion for music and I do dream of holding a world tour one day, but for now those are just dreams and I just keep doing what I do. I do enjoy making music though because I imagine one day when I have an album produced by me, that’d be great. I already play like 3 instruments, and I enjoy all 3. If you still don’t know what they are by now, I play the violin, piano, synthesizer (pretty much similar to the piano, but also on the keyboard), and the drums (as my main instrument). There’s not much about music to really talk about so I’ll just talk about two more things I also have interest.

I love to travel. I am so into traveling, I would love to go really far to places overseas, but I am not able to because I do not have that kind of money to actually travel overseas. If I could though, I’d love to travel somewhere in the France, Italy, Great Britain, Hong Kong, go back to Japan or Korea, Singapore, Canada, and overall anywhere with good food. I love to travel to tour around places, but also eat. I love eating different culture food so this is good for travelling. Which brings me to my next interest, I love food, like a lot. Hong Kong is one of the places I’d definitely have to go to one day because of all countries or at least the Asian countries, Cantonese food just matches my taste buds more than any other country. Soupy dumpling, moo goo gai pan fried noodles, peking duck noodle soup just to name a few. Now I am hungry just thinking of the peking duck noodle soup, I’d have to go back to my favorite restaurant again soon. To bad it is not in Rochester, so I can not get it. When I do however, I’d eat the heck out of it again.

Experiences With Kpop Concerts (Pt. 13)

So I have been to like 2 concerts by now, and both of them are probably some of the best highlights of my life, especially the Day6 concert. By now, there’s about 7 kpop concerts in Minnesota so far. H.U.B was the first kpop group, then there was KARD who I wanted to go see very badly, but missed my chance because the tickets I wanted were sold out, Eric Nam which was one I went to, Hyukoh which is a smaller band that’s not really popular, DAY6 another one I went to, and recently B.A.P (I never got to go to this one because it was too expensive and it happened just 2 weeks after DAY6).

Eric Nam was a good first kpop concert for me because it was taken place in a somewhat bar and everyone was standing. The concert was promoting his new album “HONESTLY” and I really loved the songs in the album so this was a plus to the concert. I stood in line that day from like 3PM-6:30PM and the concert was a standing concert so I stood for another three hours and thirty minutes. My leg was so tired that day, but it was so worth it. Along with that concert, I also made some new friends and met some of my other friends there too, so I think this was the best way to introduce me to Korean concerts. At first with Eric’s concert, I didn’t plan to go because it was on a Wednesday, then the tickets were sold out and I didn’t really care, but I still wanted to go (note that this was in the summer so I had no school, but I did have to cancel work to go), but then one of my friends before she moved away she said she’s going to the concert so I should too, and so I did, but the tickets were sold out. Couple days later, they said they moved the location of the concert to a bigger place because too many people bought the tickets really quickly, so they moved it to First Avenue & 7th St. Venue. Which meant that the ticket sales were back on, but they didn’t sell VIP tickets so I just decided to go with the normal ticket. I was already aware the day of the concert that I’d end up standing in line from a really far away place because its a kpop concert, so when I got there I had to stand in the sun and burn to death. Overall, the concert was worth going to and if I wish I could come back to that moment and relive that moment again. Days after the concert, I posted my experiences with the concert and I swear, he liked my post. Eric Nam liked my post on Instagram so I was so happy.

My next concert I went to that I’ve talked a lot about was DAY6’s. About 4 weeks ago from today (December 11th) I went to DAY6’s concert. I was able to reunite with one of my friends from the Eric Nam concert. Funny enough, she helped me get better seats for the concert. At first I bought like these seats in the back, but my friend told me to sell my tickets because she got better ones, and I was able to sell my first one, but struggled to sell my ticket until the week before the concert my other friend decided to buy it. I was actually happy with this new seat because I was able to high-five the members. Bet most fangirls would be jealous for that. I had to arrive later to this concert so I didn’t stand in line for the concert, but I was able to make it before the concert started. I came in after the doors was open to let people in so it was easier. I was able to listen to some of my favorite songs from them that I had enjoyed so much I even learned it myself. Seeing them play it live was a great experience for me to reflect on which part I played wrong. Skipping the whole concert, moving on to post concert event. Because I had p2 tickets, I was able to high-five the idols and I was so happy. It was a wreck though because I was not able to buy the merch from their store so I had to order it online. Anyways, I didn’t leave the place until at like 11PM at night, but the concert was done at 10PM. To this day, I still have post-concert feels and I want to go back to that time again. They said they’d be back for another concert one day, so I am ready to buy their tickets again soon.


Hording Albums (Pt. 12)

This is actually really funny because whenever people see my collection of albums, they say I hord albums. To that I say it’s a collection (granted I keep the wrapper when I could throw it away haha). I just love kpop albums because it has so much goodies in it even though to other people its just me hording (partially true), but to me its a way to relieve my stress sometimes. Sometimes I just the kpop album because I love the packaging so I get it, other times its me enjoying the music so much, and other albums just have meanings that’s why I get it. I don’t mind buying kpop album at any price as long as other prices are the same as well (sometimes I try to find the cheaper ones too). People think I do not listen to my albums, but the truth is I’ve listened to most of them. I only have like 5 I haven’t listened to yet because I just bought them, but I haven’t had the time to listen to it. I’d love to listen to them though whenever I have time. With that being said, I still have a shopping list of kpop albums I haven’t bought yet or they’re my wish list so I can remember to get it whenever I get to it. I just received a kpop album in my mail today (I swear I do not buy kpop albums everyday or anything like that) and it was my first kpop album I ever wanted, but I never bothered to get it until now. It was (even though its the Chinese version with the Chinese member) EXO-M’s MAMA album (their debut album). I’ve wanted that album for almost 7 years now and I finally got ahold of it today. Now that album is the oldest kpop album I ever own. First kpop album I ever got were EXO’s “Monster” and SEVENTEEN’s “Love & Letters Repackage” album. I pretty much used up my Chinese New Years lucky money (I only had $50 remaining because I used my money for other purpose) to buy kpop albums at the Midwest Kpop Festival in 2016. I later decided to save my Chinese New Years lucky money from 2017 to buy more albums at the 2017 Midwest Kpop Festival (this was before I started working) and literally bought the crap out of the event (I bought like 5-7 albums and also bought the last kpop album at the event and it was also EXO’s “The War” album). So now I think about it, my 2 biggest investment in money are for kpop albums and sneakers, but kpop albums are bigger investment for me. It’s funny when I think about the fact that I get yelled at for spending so much money on kpop albums when I should be saving that money for college, but I will say I somewhat use my money carefully so I don’t over buy albums and other stuff. With that being said, DAY6 is dropping their album soon, I should see if I want to preorder the album or wait for it to come out and just get it (because I went to their concert now I support them even more than before going to their concert). I’ll leave a message at the end of this post, but for now I shall sit down and reflect on why the heck to do to gain more money. My economics teacher always said; “You go to school to graduate and get a job so you can make money and so you can buy stuff”, the first time he said that I just thought of my “Collection” of kpop album and guiltily agreed with him.


“I DO NOT HORD KPOP ALBUMS I COLLECT THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Disbandment of WANNA ONE (Pt. 11)

I talked about earlier that my favorite kpop group is WANNA ONE, but I am devastated and so broken by the fact that they are disbanding. Going back in time to when I sat in my math class in 9th grade and watched Produce 101 Season 2 first appearance with the main song “PICK ME” also “NAYANA”. Be careful do not be confused with “PICK ME” from Produce 101 Season 1 or Produce 101 China. They also have the same title, but different song (with still the same meaning). Produce 101 is basically a game show where they take idols and trainees to go up in a competition and perform to earn their way to debut with the other top 11 winners. I remember picking Lee Daehwi as one of the top 11 winners in Produce 101 Season 2. It’s crazy how he eventually placed 3rd even though I didn’t watch it. Fast forward to August of 2017, those top 11 members are (from last place to first) Ha Sungwoon (who’s also in kpop idol in idol group HOTSHOT) , Bae Jinyoung, Hwang Minhyun (whos also kpop idol in idol group NU’EST), Yoon Jisung, Lai Guanlin (Taiwanese trainee), Park Woojin, Ong Seungwoo, Kim Jaehwan, Lee Daehwi (my favorite), Park Jihoon, and lastly everybody’s favorite, Kang Daniel were able to debut as WANNA ONE as their official name. They had came in with some of the most powerful debut I’ve ever seen with 2 title tracks; “Energetic” and “Burn It Up”. At first when they debut, I was so confused to why WANNA ONE just became so popular (not realizing that they were the top 11 in Produce 101 because they’ve been gone since the show ended for like 2 months), but then it came to me they were top 11. I even remember being able to buy their last “WANNA ONE: To Be One” (debut album) sky version at the Midwest Kpop Festival and I was so happy. It was funny because I never actually intended to buy it, but I had extra money (I know I sound like a douchebag for saying that) so I just got it cause why not plus it became my favorite kpop album I ever own. I normally don’t say this to most kpop groups after disbandment, but I think I will miss WANNA ONE a lot. Seeing them as group (except Minhyun and Sungwoon), it’s kind of hard to see them with another group. After disbandment of this group, it is sad because every member is going back to their respected original record label. 

My way of respecting this group, I now have all their albums (I preordered the last one because it is so good, but also a sad ending so I just got it). This group however earned my respect because all their songs are just good and I can not say that enough. If there is one wish from me for them would be that if they could have at least one like goodbye album for us WANNABLES (their fandom name), that’d be great, but that isn’t going to happen because their last album “POWER OF DESTINY” was the last one. It’s actually funny because I was their second viewer on their last comeback (I actually woke up at 2:40AM for it even though the release was 3AM) “Spring Breeze” and I slept good that day.

Kpop in America (Pt. 10)

So as of today, Kpop has constantly been growing and growing. Recently, BTS had a special appearance in “YouTube Rewind 2018” playing the new hit song “IDOL”. Specifically, BTS is like the face of Kpop of this time. Temple University had also performed the same song, “IDOL” at a football game and that performance went viral. There are movies that also have had kpop also appear in the movies too. For example, in “Justice League”, they played BLACKPINK’s “As If Its Your Last” in the one scene where Bruce Wayne sat in the Flash’s chair and there was a TV screen in the background playing the music video as well as when Flash first walked in, the song was playing very loudly. It appears that the Flash’s real actor Erza Miller is a fanboy of BLACKPINK as well because BLACKPINK gave him a signed album of their single in an interview. There was also once when they played “Nobody” by Wonder Girls in the movie Penguins of Madagascar too. There are a few other movies too, but I cannot remember them at the moment.

Kpop has first hit America was back in 2007 when Wonder Girls appeared at the Jonas Brother’s concert. At that time, the Jonas Brother were really big. A lot of people really envied them. Suddenly a special appearance of Wonder Girls took a huge storm and they were once really popular. Why I said once was because afterwards, some people were convinced to listen to Kpop after seeing Wonder Girls while others do not remember them and pretty much never listened to kpop.

About 5 years later, as we all remember today the hit song “Gangnam Style” by PSY came out in 2012. It became the most viewed song or video that ever existed on YouTube for awhile. That lasted 5 years when other artist later became big and the view counts topped PSY, but during that time, even more people were convinced to listen to kpop. PSY left such impact on the world about Korea, that later on he released another song called “Gentlemen” and it also became a hit in America. It didn’t receive as much view counts as “Gangnam Style”, but nonetheless, still record breaking.

The third major factor that kpop had in America actually had me confused a little bit. Despite the kpop fandom being constantly growing bigger, BTS released a song called “Blood Sweat and Tears” and suddenly a bunch of famous people on YouTuber were asked to react to it. Where I was confused was because BTS was constantly growing in the Kpop industry, their last song before “Blood Sweat and Tears” was “FIRE”. “FIRE” was a popular song and BTS was pretty much living as the best kpop group in Korea and suddenly when “Blood Sweat and Tears” came out, BTS pretty much becoming the best boyband (according to fan votes). One day, BTS was invited to come to the Billboard Awards 2017, and was nominated for the “Top Social Artist” award. They did win and receive the award, but since then, BTS’s goes on #1 trending every time their song is released.

Kpop is so big now that groups like NCT and MONSTA X were invited to perform at special events. Before BTS was popular, a former 2NE1 member CL had a US debut in America, but she didn’t leave people listening to kpop as much, but she was probably one of the first kpop idol to ever have a US debut. Now kpop idols like LAY of EXO is have US debut as well. So pretty much Kpop is getting bigger and bigger. You’ll hear them on radios, out in public, heck maybe even in stores (cause I’ve heard them a few times at stores like Walmart).

Chance’s Blog

Right off the bat, I can tell Chance loves sport. I notice this person is not targeting a specific sport they like, but overall any sport. So far Chance has talked about sport and like their performance overall from recent games. I’ve only seen ones about basketball and football. I can really tell though, that this person supports the Vikings. I know I don’t because of obvious reasons. Chance also really supports the Timberwolves the basketball team as well. Chance said he is mostly going to talk about basketball and football because baseball and hockey is out of season right now at the moment, but when the time comes, he said he will talk about it as well. My favorite football team are the Philadelphia Eagles, Seattle Seahawks, and Pittsburg Steelers. This might be a conflict. Basketball wise, I don’t watch a lot of basketball, but I do enjoy playing it sometimes even though I’m bad at it.

With that being said, Chance is noticing and in a way is commentating on the performance of the Vikings. It seems as though Viking is going back downhill. Chance said he knew that the Vikings would lose in the Viking versus Bears game because of how Bear’s performance were too good for the Viking to top. This one post, Chance said that the Vikings could do great, but they’re lacking practice, but they might be about to do better when they’re going up against the Seattle Seahawks. Prior to the first blog, Vikings has lost again. Although he said Vikings beat the probably of if not the strongest football team ever, New England’s Patriots. The Vikings just lacks performance at the first half of the game. They couldn’t catch any rhythm until almost half-time. Although offense for the Vikings were iffy, their defense was able to defend against the New England Patriot’s Tom Brady. Chance seems very passionate and upset about the fact that we lost in the game though. He is more upset that the offensive line and team member “Kirk” was the reason they lost the game. It seems very upsetting for Chance to see Vikings losing over and over again almost every time.

Another team I mentioned that Chance also talked about was the Minnesota Timberwolves. He said that the Timberwolves also had a rough start at the beginning of the year because of them trading member; “Jimmy Butler”.  Everyone was in shock because people looked up to him as a basketball player. People thought it’d be the end for the Timberwolves. Jimmy inspired other young people to become basketball players. Chance thinks this is a good move because since Jimmy has left, the Timberwolves were doing better and better. Not that Jimmy was the team’s downfall. Now that Jimmy is gone, they’re looking for another guy who will be like Jimmy, if not better than Jimmy. This inspired many guys to push themselves to be better than Jimmy and be the best. One of the other factors that Chance said that made them lose is none other than the coach again. The coach eases the players and lets them down as well as the fans. Many fans are outrageous about this and wants him to be fired, even Chance.

Overall with Chance’s blog, I think it’s pretty great, but like the only sport I really know is Ping Pong. I kind of grew up playing it and I played it competitively. These sport are pretty fun to watch though in my opinion because I also enjoy watching sports especially the last Super Bowl. Not only did my favorite team win the Super Bowl, but they won in my home state. So I think I can have a fair share of understanding from where Chance is going with his opinion about the players and coaches and stuff like that.

Calvin’s Blog

Calvin‘s blog is actually pretty interesting because I pretty much sums up an anime for so I don’t really have to binge watch every episode. As of his blogs right now he has uploaded 3 blogs talking about 3 different anime so far. He has so far talked about “My Hero Academia”, “Hunter X Hunter”, and “One Punch Man”.

Calvin’s first blog was about “One Punch Man”, and it seems like this show is his favorite anime. From my experience, I do think the show is pretty funny, but I have only seen one episode. Calvin talked about how Saitama went from being a failure in life to being this very powerful superhero who has trained very intensely. So much he had hair loss problems from stress. From this show, Calvin said this show is very inspiring because according to him, when you want something done right, it takes practice to do something right. I think that thought itself is pretty much how the world works, you’re never going to get something right unless you practice. If you have mastered something on your first try, then you haven’t learned anything new yet in life.

For Calvin’s second blog, he talked about another popular anime that I haven’t gotten the time to watch yet; it is “Hunter X Hunter”. It seems like an interesting anime. The show is about how a character named Gon Freecss has a dream to become what his father is; a hunter. In order for him to do so, he has to go out on a mission by himself to become a hunter as well. In the process of becoming a hunter, Gon has to go through a test to prove if he is worthy or not of becoming a hunter. In the process, he also had some friends who also have part taken in the exam. Both his friends and his father are no pro hunters, so when there is a big threat, they’re there to stop him. Calvin said that this show is has been part of his childhood. He said he could communicate and connect with other people through this show. I would be interested to watch this show whenever I have time to watch it.

If there is one show I have been putting off every time, it would be “My Hero Academia”. I have been recommended this show many times, but I never bothered to watch it. So basically this show is about how a character named; “Izuku Midoriya” who has like no special power. I noticed similar to “Hunter x Hunter”, the protagonist who isn’t even special is trying to gain some powers, so they have to go on a form of adventure to define their true self. The protagonist has a mentor named “All-Might”, who helps gain his power, but at the same time, All-Might is being targeted to be killed. After awhile later in the show, stuff happened and All-Might in a way, lost his power and so it was up to the main character to take over his job.  I will be honest and say, after reading the summary of this show, I am still not as motivated to watch this show as before.

Overall, Calvin’s topic is interesting because I also grew up watching anime as a kid so this in a way brings back some childhood memories.

Why People Dislikes Kpop (Pt. 9)

A few days ago, I did a speech on kpop and why people should listen to it. I noticed not many people liked it. Before I gave my speech though, we had a work in class day and my classmates asks around our work group what our speech was about. I did say “Kpop” and they instantly got disgusted and said “eww kpop is gross”. I was aware that many people disliked kpop so I was not surprised. I did asked them why, but they didn’t give an actual reason they think its disgusting, they just said “it’s disgusting”. Not sure how kpop is disgusting, it’s just music. Another person before I planned a speech about kpop, they said kpop was childish or at least they thought so, but kpop isn’t childish.

Before BTS became a hit in America, despite PSY making it big with “Gangnam Style”, not many people knew what kpop was. It was like the brand “Champion” of music. If you don’t get that reference, “Champion” is a clothing brand that was never really popular and was very very underrated, but recently getting big and now it is a popular clothing brand. I’d ask people around if anybody knew kpop, but they asked me “what’s kpop?”. As time flies by, kpop has expanded rapidly across the world. Still not as big until May 21st, 2017, BTS was nominated for the “Top Social Artist” on Billboard Music Award. Since then they have went on a crazy spree of performances, tours, comebacks, advertisements, etc. They even spoke at the United Nation meeting about the campaign to spread self awareness and self love. Now many people know kpop, but with every popularity comes the haters.

Going back to talking about the speech I gave, I remember after class, I joked around about if one of my classmate was convinced to listen to kpop and he said “no”, but then my other classmate said something that made so much sense. She said “when a large amount of teenage girls like a certain artist or genre of music, everybody starts hating on it”. It makes sense because if you think of artists like Justin Bieber or One Direction, before they were famous, they were not hated by people, but then when a large amount of teenage girls starts liking them then people starts hating them. So when I asked people why they actually hate kpop, they said that it’s cringey and or its not their preference of music. Other people just don’t like it because of the language barrier. To that I say; “You don’t need to understand the music to enjoy it. Music is a universal language.” It’s like people listen to EDM music, the ones with out singers or singing involved. People are still able to enjoy that because there is no language to it. So pretend a kpop us like that. Something I always thought its funny how people don’t like kpop and refuses to listen to them because of language barrier, but they listen to Latino music just fine and they don’t even understand it.

So in the end, most of the people who I asked why they say kpop is disgusting or gross, they don’t really have a reason. They just hate it for no reason.

Kpop’s Impact on Me (Pt. 8)

I’m not really sure where to begin with this. I’ve listened to kpop for about 6+ years now and a lot has changed in me since. Partially due to changing from elementary to middle school and from middle school to high school and from high school to part college. Kpop has really shaped me into who I am today. Some of which I’m proud of and some… probably seen better days lol.

Kpop is probably my inspiration for outfits (sometimes… okay most of the time, but shh just roll with it) and so when I looked at my picture from 6 years ago till now, I noticed my style has changed quite a bit. Thanks to kpop, I don’t look like a disappointment to my mom when I’m with her. Hah! She used to complain about how I never dress nicely to go around and look like a hobo. Except thanks to kpop, I’m broke try to buy clothes because I buy some that are not so cheap.

Aside from my outfit kpop helped me through some tough times and some bonding with friends. I remember after elementary school, my friends all went to another school while I was all alone, and for the first like 4 years I had no friends who listened to kpop. I had made 1, but she was Korean so its no surprise that she listens to kpop. Kpop was not a major phenomenon for like the first 4 years I’ve listened to kpop. Finding a friend who also liked kpop with even more rare than finding a legendary pokemon, but with that being said, when I found a friend who also listened to kpop, we became like good friends because there was a small amount of people who liked Kpop. Nowadays you can find a bit more people who listens to kpop, so its no surprise and you can’t really make friends with them because there are others who also listened to kpop. There used to be kpop memes where they’re saying they’re practically the only ones who listened to kpop. I could relate with that meme. Many people could relate, but that was all in the past. People can’t relate to that meme much anymore. However, sometimes if you’re lucky enough you can make friends from kpop if they’re open to making new friends. So that’s who I made more friends than I used to.

Now I’ve said that kpop has been in my life for quite a chunk of my life. One of the many reason why I love it is the fact that it helped me get through some good days, bad days, sad days, etc. For some odd yet satisfying reason I listen to kpop and it lightens up my mood and so I just constantly listen to it. When I am bored I also just listen to kpop to ease my boredom. Kpop literally keeps me occupied a lot because aside listening to kpop I just try to learn the choreography to some kpop songs. Although I am not good at it, but I mean why not have fun while I’m at it. Also YOU BET I am listening to kpop right now as I’m writing this. It helps circulate my brain flow when doing homework.